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Retaining A Lawyer After A Car Accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you know that it can be a very stressful time. Not only are you dealing with feelings of anxiety regarding the accident itself, but you also have to take care of any damages that occurred as a result of the crash. You may be injured. Your car may be totaled. Retaining an attorney may be the last thing on your mind, but they can help you navigate the tricky road you have ahead of you. The sooner you talk to someone familiar with this type of law, the better off you will be. The information that follows is aimed at assisting you in finding a lawyer and getting the information you need to deal with your situation.

Looking Into Your Case

The size of the accident does not really matter. Even if it was just a simple fender bender, you may still require the assistance of a lawyer. For example, perhaps you were at fault and the other party is making accusations against you. An attorney can help to protect your interests. There are a few things you should think about before you hire someone, however. First, gather as much information about your case as you can. The attorney will use this information to figure out if and how they can help you. Also, be ready to talk over everything that occurred.

Giving Details

California BeachesWhen you speak to a lawyer, you need to help them understand what happened. Talk to them about what was happening on the road at the time. Discuss the weather. Talk about whether it was day or night and who was involved. Give details on the actual accident. The information you provide can help the attorney figure out who was at fault and what you need to do going forward to protect your interests.

It is important that you never leave an accident scene without getting a few pieces of crucial information. Write down the license plate of any other vehicles involved. Also note the drivers’ names, insurance companies, phone numbers and addresses. In addition, if anyone saw the accident occur, get their information as well, in case they need to be contacted later.

Who Is At Fault?

Let the lawyer know if the police came out to the scene and filed a police report. It is especially important to note if a ticket was issued to anyone. Also, make sure you tell them if an ambulance or fire truck came out after the accident occurred.

It is important to secure the contact information for any witnesses that were present at the scene. These individuals can help corroborate your version of events if there is some dispute.

Amount Of Damage

Certain information can have an effect on how much money you get back. For example, tell your lawyer if you were treated by a medical professional and what type of treatment took place. If you have it, also pass along the repair estimate for your vehicle and anything else that shows how much money you paid as a result of the accident.

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